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of Teddy's Search

"Teddy's Search" by Clairmarie H. Field is a charmingly written picture book for children with its message about a path toward diversity, inclusion, and respect. Combining a fun read with a valuable 'life lesson', "Teddy's Search" is especially and unreservedly recommended for family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library Pets and Life Skills picture book collections for children ages 4-7.


Midwest Book Review – August 24, 2022


Teddy’s Search is a tender story about a furry little dog trying to find his place in a lively animal family. He soon learns that helping others leads him in the right direction. Children will identify with and fall in love with chocolate-colored eyed Teddy. 

Julie R., Reading Specialist



I loved this book! If you're a therapist or teacher working with young children, it is beautiful reminder that each one of has a unique gift and a way to contribute and belong. It's a timely message for our polarized world and I think speaks to the child in all of us (regardless of our age).


Amy Rose - Posted on Amazon – August 5, 2022



This book was perfect to read to my 3 year old. It teaches how we are all different but can all get along and be friends in this world. The story is an important topic especially in this current world's environment
My daughter loved the real life pictures especially the dogs and chickens. MUST HAVE FOR YOUNG READERS!!!

Sara R - Posted on Amazon – July 15, 2022




of Justin's Pet

Field crafts a beautiful story about choosing the happiness of others over one’s own. Using Justin’s experiences with the turtle, Field focuses on how a sensitive boy evolves into a mature individual because of the choice he makes. While Justin’s earnest attempts to make his new pet comfortable bring out the compassionate side present in children who adore animals, his final decision to set his friend free reflects the wisdom of a selfless Samaritan. Justin’s deeper understanding of nature and animals is highlighted when he explains to his mother that for those born in the wild, the woods, the roar of the water streaming over the rocks, and the warbling of the birds are more appealing than the home of humans. It is heartwarming when Justin’s mother gifts him with another new pet to show her appreciation for his unselfish action. Pretty and colorful illustrations perfectly complement the simple, engaging text. Readers of all ages will surely love this charming tale which softly conveys that sometimes the secret to happiness lies in letting go.

- The U.S. Review of Books

Descriptive and Well Written Story Justin's Pet is a delightful story that can be enjoyed by preschool and elementary age children. The beautiful illustrations and descriptive text reveal a touching story that all who love nature and wildlife will treasure! - Michael R.

I just finished reading Justin's Pet, my selection for the children's Easter baskets this year. It is a story of how a mother gives her son the opportunity to grow by providing him with the tools to make his own decision and by reinforcing his good judgment. Children will enjoy having this story read to them or reading it themselves. - Mary Jo K.

Beautiful Story Great book with amazing illustrations! A must have for any child’s book shelf. - Elaine R.

 A beautiful, heartwarming story and a amazing lesson for all ... A beautiful, heartwarming story and a amazing lesson for all of us about life and nature! It is an enchanting story with extremely beautiful illustrations. - Pam and Kim G.

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