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Why Read to Your Child:

There are many reasons for reading aloud to your child, but my favorite is the pleasure derived from sitting down and cuddling up with your child and a favorite book. This is time well spent, an opportunity to bond, and an expression of love.

Reading aloud offers a multitude of tools to develop your child ‘s love of reading,

Reading aloud from an early age builds phonological awareness, known as an awareness of the sounds of language. From infancy, babies imitate the sounds they hear, the earliest form of listening skills. Research has shown that children who are routinely read, and exposed to books, will thrive in school and beyond. By reading to a child, you are often introducing them to new vocabulary, a building block of reading. Furthermore, reading comprehension is reliant on a child’s exposure to vocabulary.

As you read to a child, discuss the pictures, ask questions, point out new concepts – all are paramount to expanding your child’s world and language skills. Often you will read words not used in everyday conversation. Make it fun! Always make time for reading, even to a tween. Research has shown that children hear better than they read – a child’s reading level isn’t on par with his listening level until the eighth grade. Children can appreciate a more complicated plot than one they can read to themselves. By reading aloud, we can keep our children interested and coming back for more as they develop and improve their independent reading skills.

Clair 08/07/2023

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